Hilda Catz


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Hilda Catz expone en MIRÁ- FESTIVAL DE ARTE 
en el Centro Cultural Recoleta

Invitation to the Centro Cultural Recoleta
Hi, I’ll be expecting you on the 23rd at 6 pm for the vernissage until 8 pm and on Friday and Saturday I will be there from 4 to 8 pm. Sunday is the last day, so I’ll be there from 3 to 8 pm.
A big hug, Hilda.

The subject of the Series I present is The Culture of Violence. The painting you see is titled "The Incandescent Violence of Indifference". It is an acrylic, 2 x1.5 meters (2013)



    “The work of Hilda Catz speaks of the formless and the polymorphous, chaos and order, the crossroads and mutual questioning between the physical and the psychic. A zone where limits between the figurative and the abstract or the objective and the non-objective world disappear, which could be considered the specificity of the pictorial. Its broad and varied thematic register oscillates between decisive figuration that borders on the graphic, then fades away in search of primordial expression – the multiplication of pictorial layers and juxtaposition of brush strokes overflow, in an expression that has now become enigmatic in the manner of hieroglyphs of individual prehistory: childhood as our common past. In all, we encounter her distinctive style which in this case is placed at the service of a spectrum of whites, blacks, reds and refined grays, where a vibrant color or a vigorous drawing add points of tension, always present in her compositions, in which the line forms the drawing and at the same time opens up and unfolds in search of color, texture and hidden words.”


Susana Weingast
Painter and Art Critic – Artexpresión Gallery – Miami, FL, USA


"Freud, fuente inagotable"
acrílico de 0,70 X 1 mts.

“This work is grounded on the continuous line dancing through the drawing, showing us the era in which we live, with its new and vertiginous languages. In turn, its encounter with color draws human drama into this space of shared subjectivities, dealing with it as unfinished work inhabited by scenes that demand representation amid the prowling of ghosts and the framed echo of dreams where colors, sounds, words, textures and forms come into play, allowing us to construct, forever partially, the changing face of the unconscious, the ineffable.”

Hilda Catz




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