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For her training, she entered the Prilidiano Pueyrredon and De La Carcova Schools of Art in the fields of Drawing and Sculpture, studying under teachers Juan Carlos Distefano and Antonio Pujia, respectively. At the same time, she expanded her training in different ateliers such as those of Rivero, Macchi, Gorriarena, Sidanes, Rank and Roux. An Argentine citizen and with her dual insertion as a psychoanalyst and artist, through her personal “ideo-lect”, she shows us that her works are based both on a thorough going artistic training with some of the greatest teachers and also on strong autobiographical roots, constantly interrelated with human life and its vicissitudes.
She continued her artistic training in the following ateliers: Drawing and Painting with Ceferino Rodrigo Rivero; Drawing and Sculpture here with Aurelio Macchi; Painting with Carlos Gorriarena; Experimentation in Drawing and Painting with Romulo Sidanes and Guillermo Roux. She coordinates groups of experimentation and teaches drawing, painting and sculpture. She has won many prizes, and collectors both local and foreign own her works, as described in her web page:   www.hildacatz.com



Some Prizes

2013 – Honor Prize, Barcelona Show, Art International Barcelona 2013.
2012 – First Prize for Drawing, Fine Arts Association.
2011 – Honor Prize, Seville, Spain, Show Art International, Seville 2011.
2011 – Honor Mention. Unilatina International Art Show 2011, Miami 2011.
First Prize for Digital Painting, “Mundo Art” International Contest.
2005 – Hartman Art Space Gallery, Coral Gables, Miami, FL, USA.
2003 – First Prize for Painting. Artistic Culture Medical Association, Salon Fine Arts of Professionals of the Art of Healing, Buenos Aires.
2001 – Honor Mention in Painting. Contest organized by the Avon Foundation.
1995 – Second Prize for the Sculpture: “Waiting”. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 50th Annual Fine Arts Salon. Artistic Culture Medical Association.

Dibujando con Presas1 Premio de Dibujo

Owners of her works

Collection: John H. Coatsworth, Harvard University Professor of Latin American Affairs and Director of the Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies.
Collection: Muller, Scarsdale, NY, USA.
Collection: David Tuckett, London, UK.
Collection: Arthur T. Meyerson, NY, USA.
Collection: Stephen Sonnenberg, Austin, TX, USA.
Collection: Oppel, Argentina.
Collection : Suide, Argentina.
Collection : Cecchi, Argentina.
Collection : Cohen, Argentina.
Collection : Wolf, Argentina.
Collection : Stivelberg, Argentina.
International Psychoanalytical Association, London, UK.
Psychoanalytic Association of China
Italian Psychoanalytic Association.
Argentine Psychoanalytic Association.


Her works speak from a vision of the world that is involved in human drama and its tragic history… “in this space of subjectivity shared by psychoanalysis and art, a space inhabited by love and cruelty, the vicissitudes of sexuality and death. Considering it an unfinished work, enlivened by scenes that seek representation, amidst the wanderings of ghosts, the silence of the dead and fragmented echoes of dreams.”
This passage was extracted from one of the texts that accompany her papers on investigations into creativity as a psychoanalyst, a Member of the Argentine and the International Psychoanalytic Associations.
She has published many of her paintings, works that accompany her research on psychoanalysis and art, published by local and foreign publishers. Thus, through her works, which have been exhibited in many galleries here and abroad, and having received many prizes, we consider that her penetrating gaze, both playful and full of vitality, vibrates with its own light, where in her own words… “colors, sounds, words, textures and forms come into play, and enable me to always construct the changing face of the unconscious…”
With pencil or paintbrush, she generates life and energy, dancing vigorously through labyrinths of love, pain, passion, violence and the phantoms of all that is human.

                                                                                                        Domingo Onofrio.



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