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Her vision is involved in the drama and the future of humanity both in the raw and violent deserts of her series “The culture of violence” and also in the placid sunsets of her watercolors with enigmatic flowers and the innovative universe of video art.
In her works, which have been exhibited in local and foreign galleries, we see that her penetrating gaze goes beyond canvas, words and forms, taking us into territories of emotion, in paintings that somehow tie in with the Magical Realism of Latin American literature. In her series “Love-Erotica”, the painting “The Sand of Captains” pays tribute to the great writer JORGE AMADO, deceased only days before his 89th birthday, and is an allusion to his book, “The Captains of Sands”.

“The routes of the wind” by Maria Growel. Art Guion XXI

 Paintings published in the “Correo de APA”, a periodical of Psychoanalysis published by the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association:

- Publication of the series: “Despite it All… the River Flows”. Year 4, N° 9, July 2000
- Publication of “Freud the Collector”. Year 4, N° 10, October 2000
- Publication of the series “The Culture of Violence”. Year 3, N° 5, March 1999.
- Publication of the series “Despite it All… the River Flows”. Year 3, N° 4, March 1999.

Journal Book Arte y Locura [Art and Madness], Argentine Psychoanalytic Association, Publication of the Culture Committee, Publication of the painting “Freud the Collector”.
Journal Book Psicoanalisis en la Cultura [Psychoanalysis in the Culture] Argentine Psychoanalytic Association, Culture Committee, Buenos Aires, Publication of the drawing “Entering the Labyrinth of Dedalus”, 1994.

Papers published on Art and Psychoanalysis

     With her dual training as a psychoanalyst and an artist, she investigates creativity and organizes ateliers oriented towards stimulating the development of the creative potential in its diverse manifestations, some of which have been published.

“Freud the collector”, a tentative approach to “Please close the eyes”, Arte y Locura, [Art and Madness], Publication of the Culture Committee, Argentine Psychoanalytic Association, 1996.

”Entering the labyrinth of style”, Interdisciplinary Baroque-Neo-Baroque: Publication of the Culture Committee, Argentine Psychoanalytic Association, 1995. First Conference of the Culture Committee: Psychoanalysis in the Culture; Argentine Psychoanalytic Association, Ed. Kargieman, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1994.

“Psychic change, from myth to possibility” (in the artistic perspective). International Pre-Congress of Psychoanalysis, IPSO, APA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1991.

“About differences” (an artist’s perspective). IPSO Pre-Congress, July 1989, Rome, Italy.

“Spaces where the creative act develops” Psychoanalysis and Art. Symposium of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association: “Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Society”, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1987. Organization of the Candidates of the Institute of Psychoanalysis of the Psychoanalytic Association of Uruguay; The Candidate’s Sheet, Year 2, N° 6, December 1987, Montevideo, Uruguay


     These video tapes belong to a series entitled “Out of a Squiggle” (1, 2 and 3), and each video is accompanied by a little explanatory book with drawings that illustrate the subject matter. These video-books, by virtue of their synthesis more than the strength of their images, enable us to teach in fifteen minutes what would otherwise take hours to present. They offer a way to make the training of professionals dynamic while stimulating creativity and creative apperception” in this era, characterized by vertiginous change and rapid communications.



"Still Life – 1983"
Oil on canvas 70 x 50 cm


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